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Canadian Health&Care Mall about Vascular Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

It is one of the most widespread groups of the reasons. As we already spoke, during a normal erection inflow of arterial blood sharply amplifies to the carvenous body, and outflow of blood on veins is almost completely blocked. There are two main types of vascular disorders at erectile dysfunction – insufficient arterial inflow and excessive blood dumping on carvenous body veins. In the first case the erection comes long, hard, seldom happens very qualitative, and more often the penis is in somebody an intermediate position between a quiet state and excitement. In case of violation of the venous block on the contrary, excitement of a penis comes quickly, the erection happens very good, but very quickly passes, without allowing to finish, and sometimes even to begin sexual intercourse.

These violations can develop at such diseases as endarteritis, atherosclerosis of an aorta and large arteries, aorta aneurism, varicosity, as a result of various injuries of area of a small pelvis and crotch. If you have such problems you are welcome on Canadian Health&Care Mall to carry out the treatment with medications available on our online service. Unfortunately, the reasons of vascular mechanism violations of an erection are studied today not so well that it was possible to designate confidently in each case the prime cause which has caused violation of erectile function.

erectile disfunction

Especially it is necessary to stop on problems with an erection at a hypertensive illness and diabetes. Erectile dysfunction at them can be connected with different groups of the reasons – neurologic, vascular, local and medicamentous. And it solves treatment of problems with an erection at these diseases extremely difficult. Improve your health conditions with medications of Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Also I will tell several words about an erection violation at chronic prostatitis. On the one hand, it is caused by the general exhaustion of an organism and substantially psychological factors – prostatitis, as we know, often leads to development of deep depression at man. On the other hand, problems with an erection at chronic prostatitis can be caused by involvement in inflammatory process of the nervous bunches responsible for emergence of an erection which pass through a prostate gland. For restoration of normal erectile function it is necessary to cure completely disease, or at least to achieve its permanent remission. Ideally such patients after treatment need to consult at the sexologist.