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Canadian Health&Care Mall and Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction may be observed at young men as well as old ones. 52% are men suffering from impotence under the age of 40-70 years old. To treat erectile dysfunction the doctor should identify the exact reasons. According to the statistical data 80% of cases carry the organic character. 20% of men carry psychogenic character.
There are main effective methods of impotence treatment. They include:

  • rational daily regimen;
  • physical exercises;
  • vacuum therapy;
  • surgical methods of treatment.

Rational Daily Regimen

Rational daily regimen is not undertaking but effective method of erectile dysfunction treatment. Rational daily regimen refers to the optimal alteration of labour and rest. If working and personal time is counted corrected all the mechanisms of organism are working correctly as well. It is very important to organize the correct sleeping process to normalize the relevant organism labour. If you have some kind of problems concerning with insufficiency of erection you are welcome on website Canadian Health&Care Mall where you will find the medications directed to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

treatment of impotence

Physical Exercises

Regular physical activities both in the gym, and in house conditions help the man to strengthen immunity and to support muscles in tone. Each loving wife can offer the husband joint performance of simple exercises complex from impotence.

  • Walking with high knees lifting. Initial position: standing, back direct, hands are lowered down. Legs rise before pressing of knees to stomach.
  • Squats. Initial position: standing, back direct, hands on a belt, legs are slightly bent in knees. The man has to make superficial squats, at the same time strain muscles of buttocks. Legs are bent as it is possible stronger.
  • Running on the spot. Starting position: standing, back direct, knees are bent. The man starts running on the spot. At the same time only heels have to work, socks don’t come off a floor, knees move at fast speed back and forth.
  • Tension and relaxation of intimate muscles. Initial position: any situation. It is necessary to strain and relax serially muscles between testicles and anus. During training the intimate muscles which are responsible for erectile function at the man become stronger.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy is one of the most demanded procedures which allows men to get rid of impotence (ED). Such method is effective in more than 90% cases of erectile function restoration. Vacuum therapy has proved as the safe remedy for ED acting as alternative to surgical intervention (implantation of implants) and to administration of drugs ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall. In the course of treatment around a genital the vacuum is created that causes a natural rush of blood to carvenous body.

Surgical Methods of Treatment

There are three main methods of erectile dysfunction surgical treatment. They are:

  • carvenous body revascularization;
  • venous therapy;
  • prosthetic repair.

Carvenous Body Revascularization

Carvenous body revascularization includes the idea of erectile dysfunction treatment. The most popular and widespread operation is Michal-2 operation. The surgeon creates anastomosis between inferior epigastric artery and dorsal artery. One more operation can be applied known as Virag 5. Anastomosis is carried out inferior epigastric artery and deep dorsal artery.

Venous therapy

This method treats impotence at defeats of the venous occlusive mechanism of carvenous body. Surgical treatment happens several types: 1) spondylolysis, 2) alloying of crus of penis, 3) endovascular embolization of carvenous body veins, 4) alloying and resection corporeal and emissary veins. The venous surgery is often carried out in a complex with traditional methods of treatment and reception of medicines.

Prosthetic Repair

This surgical treatment is considered to be the most effective. It allows to get rid of impotence in 90% of all cases. Treatment helps to restore a penis rigidity at implantation inside the carvenous body.