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Internet Pharmacies – Health Online

Online pharmacies have been working in many cities all over the world. Demand for them is explained by the fact that it saves time and sometimes money, and also it is a way to avoid standing in queues in pharmacies. It is noteworthy that in a number of countries sale of medicines via the Internet is prohibited. The reason for distrust to online pharmacies is a frightening statistic. For example, in the EU 50% of […]

Arguing about Hospital Volume-Outcome Relationships Among Medical Admissions to ICUs

This is the first study to our knowledge to examine the relationship between hospital volume and outcome among medical admissions to adult ICUs. After adjusting for admission severity of illness using a robust physiologic-based measure, the study yielded mixed results. While there were no significant overall differences in mortality for patients with pulmonary and neurologic diagnoses, we did find lower mortality in high-volume hospitals for patients with GI diagnoses. Moreover, mortality was also lower in […]

Outcomes about Hospital Volume-Outcome Relationships Among Medical Admissions to ICUs

The demographic characteristics of patients in the three cohorts are shown in Table 1. The mean age of patients was generally lower among patients in high-volume hospitals for all three diagnoses. Gender distributions differed only for patients with GI diagnoses. Patients in high-volume hospitals were less likely to be admitted from the emergency department (ED) and were more likely to be admitted from other acute-care hospitals or from other hospital floors. Mean APACHE III scores […]

Research about Hospital Volume-Outcome Relationships Among Medical Admissions to ICUs

The current study represented a secondary analysis of data that was originally collected through Cleveland Health Quality Choice, a regional initiative to measure hospital performance in 29 hospitals in Northeast Ohio. Within these hospitals, data were collected on 196,097 consecutive admissions to 44 medical, mixed medical and surgical, surgical, and neurosurgical ICUs during the period March 1991 to March 1997. Exclusion criteria have been previously described18 and included patients < 16 years of age, patients […]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Hospital Volume-Outcome Relationships Among Medical Admissions to ICUs

Over the past 2 decades, several studies have shown a positive association between volume of hospital services and patient outcomes for certain medical diagnoses and surgical procedures. A re-view by the Institute of Medicine found that relationships were statistically significant in more than two thirds of published studies. While a majority of studies of hospital volume-outcome relationships have focused on patients undergoing specific procedures (eg, percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, carotid endarterectomy), […]