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Erectile Dysfunction: Smoking and Bicycle as Impotence Causes

Smoking and Bicycle as Impotence Causes

Nowadays it is difficult to meet a man who would not suffer such a harmful habit as smoking. As you know, effect of smoking on erectile dysfunction is significant. Often, we can hear such a diagnosis as impotence caused by smoking. Such diagnosis is 100 percent justified.

Erectile dysfunction and smoking

Numerous studies have confirmed that most smokers suffer from such an unpleasant and serious disease as erectile dysfunction. And this is not surprising. After all, nicotine has the most direct impact on male hormones production, premature ejaculation and inability to start a sexual act.

Experience of a smoker also has a great influence on men’s sexual health. As you know, experienced smokers are more likely to suffer from impotence. That is, if you, for example, start smoking at age of 20, you will probably be impotent by the age of 38. Unfortunately, this is true.

Caustic cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which disrupts the normal delivery of oxygen to our body. In turn, oxygen starvation leads to severe vascular lesions and development of occlusion. On this basis, oxygen starvation of the penis tissues develops. This is a very unpleasant picture.

All leads to a reduced blood flow, stagnation and development of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction or impotence. Smoking has a negative effect on male potency, so you can buy Levitra (Vardenafil) and be sure that erection comes only when you need it, because erection is determined by the presence of sexual arousal. In addition, the PDE5 inhibitor significantly prolongs duration of sexual intercourse and shortens the time for recovering between sexual acts.

So, everything depends on the person himself but not on anyone else. If you do not try to change something, no one will.

As you can see, impotence caused by smoking is one of the most unpleasant consequences to which such a harmful habit can lead. Do not abuse smoking. If you want to stay healthy and full of energy, such a word as “smoking” should be excluded from your life.

Erectile dysfunction caused by cycling: main risk factors

Fans of cycling belong to the risk group of men who can easily develop problems with potency. Impotence caused by cycling occurs due to several factors:

  • Long distances. If a man spends on a bicycle several hours a day, travels for long distances, he may experience pain in the perineal region due to contact with the saddle of a bicycle.
  • An inconvenient saddle. The rigid and narrow saddle troubles blood flow to the penis. The scrotum and genital organ are strongly pressed against the saddle, and the normal circulation is disturbed.
  • Shaking, inconvenient body position. Men often ride bicycles leaning heavily, as a result, they press important arteries and nerve endings that ensure a proper sexual function.

In addition, overweight can also be the reason of cause of impotence caused by cycling. As a result, man suffers from pressure on the perineum, an erection is disturbed, and a man can not perform a full sexual contact.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

erectile dysfunction treatment options

As you can see, bicycle riding and erectile dysfunction are closely related. You can use the traditional erectile dysfunction treatment options to prevent the dieases. Besides, if you choose a correct saddle for a bicycle and follow some certain rules of riding to avoid impotence:

  1. Make stops with a long ride;
  2. Adjust the height of the saddle – a strongly raised saddle increases the load on the genitals;
  3. Try not to push down when riding.

Also, regular exercises may help prevent impotence. These exercises increase potency, help keep a sexual system and the whole boy in a tone.

If you experience any erectile problems, you are recommended taking special erectile dysfunction medications. For example, Cialis (Tadalafil) is an effective tool for eliminating impotence. Cialis reviews, both from doctors and patients, are mostly positive.