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How to Increase Potency?

How to Increase Male Potency

Men can suffer from erectile dysfunction at any age. Read erectile dysfunction guidelines and tips to fight the disease.

Read in the article:

  1. Erectile dysfunction causes;
  2. How to increase potency naturally;
  3. Drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction causes

  • Reduced production of male sex hormones;
  • Stress;
  • Neurological diseases;
  • Drugs containing female sex hormones;
  • Hyperplasia of the prostate;
  • Vascular disorders;
  • Lack of regular sexual activity.

Not all men consult a doctor and try to solve the problem on their own: How to increase potency?

How to increase potency naturally

  • A mixture of walnuts and natural honey taken daily is a wonderful natural potency booster;
  • Tincture of the ginseng root. Take the medicine the morning and in the morning;
  • Honey applications on the area of the external genitalia twice a day;
  • Infusion of thyme. Take 2 tablespoons of herbs and a glass of boiling water.

Using home remedies to increase potency, we should bear in mind that some plants and foods can cause allergies, as well as can be contraindicated to hypertensive patients.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction

Viagra and Cialis

If men do not know how to improve potency naturally, they seek advice from a specialist. Usually, doctors prescribe erectile dysfunction pills, such as Cialis and Viagra – they can effectively cope with potency disorders.

The advantages of high potency drugs huge: their effectiveness is proven and clinically confirmed if compared to folk remedies.

Cialis (Tadalafil) strengthens erection and allows to perform a full sexual intercourse. Cialis does not affect pressure, pulse and quality of sperm in healthy men. The medicine does not change the natural male hormonal background. You can buy Cialis to increase potency online and use the daily dose 2.5 mg, 5 mg or 20 mg before the sexual intercourse.

Viagra (Sildenafil) has the same mechanism of action.

Viagra and Cialis are contraindicated to women, men over the age of 18, men with cardiac and vascular disorders, men with individual intolerance of the medicine.

Viagra vs Cialis: Cialis advantages

  • The duration of Cialis action is 36 hours, Viagra works for 24 hours;
  • Cialis does not change color perception;
  • The effect of Cialis is observed in 15 minutes after administration;
  • Cialis can be combined with fatty foods and alcohol;
  • Cialis has fewer side effects.