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OCHIN’s Background

Who We Are

OCHIN supplies administrative services to 19 member establishments in over 100 areas with more than 2,500 end consumers in private and public health centers that are situated in both rural and urban locations. OCHIN’s objection is to supply quality health information and arrangement services to the supportive system community. As a cooperation, OCHINOCHIN can supply these services more effectively than would be probable by personal establishments.

OCHIN was grounded in 2000, essentially as a division of CareOregon, to engage in activities about the impact of an information technology gap in the sphere of health care. This technology gap, if unopposed, would leave families in poverty with more expensive, less effective, and less efficient care than those with having access to modern systems of care. Interchangeably, the creators of OCHIN imagined a capability to protect significant gainings in quality healthcare for inhabitants who have tended to be most negotiated by the healthcare system as a whole.

To bridge this technology gap, OCHIN performs as a cooperation with Canadian Health&Care Mall, achieving together what individual establishments cannot perform alone. OCHIN improves the size of the cooperation to buy Epic software and searches every possible avenue to subvent the price of the software through grants and foundations with the objection of carrying out practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) accessible for more supportive system clinics to bring into action and support.

OCHIN went through a adequate procedure to choose and contract with Epic in 2001 and has prosperously brought into action Epic’s practice management system in over 100 community health centers and local health facilities in the last five years. Practice management is a significant first step in combining the IT gap in health care. It assures that the supportive system clinics run as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible, letting lean staffs draw greater attention to health care and less to cumbersome paperwork.

Using to advantage on the success of practice management implementations, OCHIN was rewarded two Integrated Services Development Initiative (ISDI) grants and a Shared Integrated Management Information Systems (SIMIS) grant that have made us enlarge our network, further renovate our information systems transactions, and carry out EMR systems for our Member establishments. We have carried out EMR prosperously in several of our clinics and feel it is basic to enhancing the quality of health care for the neediest populations.

Because OCHIN exchanges one set of hardware, which is proved as one instance of the Epic good and makes all OCHIN clinics exchange customer health records across multifold establishments, each patient has one health record, independently of how many supportive system clinics in the OCHIN cooperation see them. This supplies guardless patients enhanced continuity of care and health results while designing a rich aggregate database for investigation. Defined as an Organized Health Care Arrangement (OHCA), OCHIN is well fitted for exchanging the one health record structure as clinically identified or appropriate. (For more information about OHCAs, click here.)

Within the next few years OCHIN will reach complete sustainable development, which implies that we would no longer demand  non-performing revenue to sponsor our transactions. Until then, OCHIN’s strategic plan is to strengthen, attracting more member establishments into the cooperation while sustaining the quality of existing services.

Safety-net Clinics and How We Work with ThemSafety-net Clinics

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) clerk America’s low income, homeless, and migrant inhabitants by supplying primary care services through Medicaid. Legislation decreed in late 1980’s defined health centers as FQHC to admit remuneration grounded on the favourable prices of supplying services. Prior to denomination, community health centers frequently admitted remuneration inadequate to cover the actual cost of the services supplied.

OCHIN is performing to assist strengthen the health care security net through enhanced information technology and arrangement services. OCHIN’s objections are:

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