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ServicesfullOCHIN has screened cutting-edge equipment, inclusively of designing a strategic partnership with Epic Systems, Inc., to propose you the following associable software suite to maintain your ambulatory healthcare business and clinical demands. Epic has been identified as the #1 product in 4 freestanding categories of the 2006 Mid-Year Top 20 KLAS ratings, inclusively of the Ambulatory EMR (Over 25 Physicians) and the Ambulatory Billing & Scheduling (over 100 Physicians) categories.

We are not a overpast provider of goods and services but a crew member who will supply councelling and maintenance throughout your performance and customization of your system, assisting you to perform most effectively . Please come in contact with us for further information about our services and maintenance.


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Prelude® Registration
Cadence® Scheduling
TeleVox® HouseCalls™ Appointment Reminder
Central Billing and Claims Services
Resolute® Professional Billing
EpicCare® Electronic Medical Record
Chart Tracking and Health Information Management
OnBase® Document Management System
Clarity®/Analyst® Reporting
Premium Reporting Services

Prelude® Registration

OCHIN utilizes Epic’s Prelude registration software to supply a single patient registration record for all care settings and patient kinds. Built-in error checking assists to assure correct registration and billing while decreasing and easing registration concerns through rules-grounded work turns. It also effectively arranges follow-up occupations.

Cadence® Scheduling

OCHIN utilizes Epic’s Cadence software, a patient planning and referrals tracing system created for users to plan patient attendances or processes within your establishment and trace referral claims and receipt of consult reports. The core constituents of the planning module that assist users to search appointments fast and assist your establishment to optimize your accessible sources consist of:

TeleVox® HouseCalls™ Appointment Reminder

TeleVox HouseCallsOCHIN utilizes TeleVox’s HouseCalls automatic engagement reminder system to ecrease damaged engagements, wasted time, and lost revenue. It is an effective way to assure and replan engagements while growing the frequency of patient contact. Conventional reminder calls are time-sapping for the staff and postcard reminders are not cheap and wasteful. HouseCalls is like supplementing a authoritative member to your staff who can sequentially make money for your practice. Plus its voice technology mixes clear as a whistle with Epic’s practice management system, letting you be connected to your patient ground with a wide diversity of personalized messages.

HouseCalls can:

After utilizing HouseCalls, our Members realized the following benefits and advantages:

HouseCalls also has the following features to meet your patient’s demands:

If you desire to receive supplementary information about this service, please see your Project Manager. We will be delighted to assist your establishment.

Central Billing and Claims ServicesCentral Billing and Claims Services

OCHIN acknowledges the obstacles community health centers have in hiring, coaching, and retaining professional staff who can follow and be in touch with the altering billing needs of today. We have the sources to assist your clinic manage its billing and orders procedures so that you meet both federal and state indispensable prerequisites. Our billing experts assist your clinic to receive maximum remuneration, procedure your collections, and follow up on outstanding accounts.

As you admit your Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status, your billing and reporting expectations alter and could become overcharged. Here are some of the benefits to joining our cooperation:

Operational benefits

Financial benefits

We have various levels of partnership being dependent on your particular demands. From arranging all your orders and efficiently becoming your orders business office to just assisting you to get caught up with your back log, we are ready for you.

Resolute® Professional Billing

OCHIN supplies Resolute Professional Billing’s modern billing and accounts obtainable equipment for you to control your charge entry, payment posting, and follow-up occupations. This equipment manufacture pure orders and minimize payor denials. Resolute maintanence your financial demands with the following features:

Note. If you want help with your billing and claims, please about our Central Billing and Claims Services.

EpicCare® Electronic Medical Record

EpicCare® Electronic Medical RecordTo arrange patient registrations, OCHIN has prosperously licensed, designed, and built our version of EpicCare, an ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR) system used for charting and ordering. It was designed especially for use by providers, nurses, and clinical support staff in community health centers. Ancillary services staff in clinic labs, imaging, medical records, and pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall, as well as referral coordinators, also utilie  EpicCare to admit and process supplier’s claims.

EpicCare maintains suppliers and the clinical crew before, during, and after the patient attend with easy access to modern information and these features:

Note. EpicCare is not a laboratory, imaging, or pharmacy system. OCHIN does not supply information systems for these services at this time.

Chart Tracking and Health Information Management

OCHIN utilizes Epic’s Health Information Management (HIM) system to trace the movement of paper charts within your community health center. It maintains enhanced effectiveness of operations through the following features:

OnBase® Document Management System

OCHIN utilizes OnBase’s document management software (DMS) to associate lab outcomes, imaging, reports from consulting suppliers, and consent/refusal to treatment forms into electronic medical records (EMRs). The DMS is associated with EpicCare® for qyuick access to electronic papers plus it makes you witness papers with a single sign on. This way, users go to a single place for a patient’s complete medical information.

Having administrative and treatment papers available in one place supplies a truly associated electronic health record whose profitsIn  consist of:

In comparison to paper charts, DMS supplies your clinic with improved sefety and privacy features, inclusively of robust audit trails, access controls, and disaster recovery and back-up. To decrease data entry and indexing errors, we utilize Kofax barcode aknowledgement and a paper management workflow that consists of four quality assurance stages. Our current indexing accuracy rate is 98%.

OCHIN assists you to maximize the profits of the DMS system. Our realization crew overviews with you the paper documents designed and obtained at your clinic. During this procedure, we define which papers can be phased out (because they are now handled in the EMR) and overview the procedure for scanning and associating paper documents into the EMR system. The scanning procedure has been worked out to let for ease of usage and optimum image quality. The system is formed to capture double sided documents in the automatic way.

OCHIN indexes documents centrally, letting for contiguity of indexing across clinics and decreasing clinic FTE prices for document management.

ReportingClarity®/Analyst® Reporting

To make an analyses of patient data, OCHIN utilizes Epic’s Clarity/Analyst, a suite of dynamic tools for designing reports, queries, graphs, and charts for on-screen display and printing. These reports assist you to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by analyzing revenue cycles, clinical outcomes, and other key information to identify areas of strength and diagnose potential problems. The capability to operate with clinical, access and financial data from the same repository allows you to dissect it by diagnosis, procedure, payor, provider, age, sex, ZIP Code, or any combination of criteria.

With the Premium Reporting Services package from OCHIN, we perform all of your report improvement, for both recurring reports and ad hoc requests for information. Because reporting is complicated, it takes a highly skill staff delegate to work out quality reports. OCHIN has a group of these trained and experience people who can be immense helpful to you. Our group realizes the origin of the your business and how publishing improves your capability manage your resources.

Assessing your reporting needs

One of our members will meet with your management team to determine what reports are needed for daily, monthly, and trending analysis. We will look at:

Based on this assessment we will offer suggestions for additional new reports and determine the level of service needed by your organization.

Report development

We view creating reports as an iterative process in which we work directly with the requester to refine the focus of the reports. Because of the nature of our collaborative, we are well aware of the specific reporting needs for commonly shared granting agencies. Our team can help your managers complete the reporting required for UDS, Ryan White, OSHPD, and other granting agencies.

Premium Reporting Services

Needs assessment

One of our members meets with your management team to determine what reports are needed for daily, monthly, and trending analysis. We will look at:

Based on this assessment we will offer suggestions for additional reports and determine the level of service that your organization needs.

Report development

In our experience, the analysis of data creates new questions. OCHIN uses an iterative process for report development in which we work directly with the requester to further refine the reports generated.

Because of the nature of our collaborative, we are well aware of the specific reporting needs for commonly shared granting agencies. Our team can help your managers complete the reporting required for UDS, Ryan White, OSHPD, and other granting agencies.

Training and documentation of new recurring reports

We will train your managers on each new report that is developed and will also provide documentation on how to run the report and how to interpret it.

Semiannual on-site review with management team

Twice a year, a member of our reporting group will meet onsite with your management team. This meeting will have the purpose of: