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ServicesThe following is a list of OCHIN’s up to the minute services that assist your clinic to lead more efectively and supply better service. They are an combined software suite designed to maintain your ambulatory healthcare business and clinical demands. OCHIN also supplies coaching to exhibit you how to utilize these services in the best way for your clinic’s demands.

We are not a overpast provider of goods and services but a crew delegate who will supply councelling and maintain throughout your accomplishment and customization of your system, assisting you to perform most effectively. Please come in contact with us for further information about our services and maintanence.

Register Patients Quickly Without Duplications

Record patients utilizing Epic’s Prelude® and design a single patient registration record for all care settings and patient kinds. Built-in error checking assists to assure correct registration and billing while decreasing and easing registration concerns through rules-grounded work turns. It also effectively arranges follow-up occupations.

Schedule Appointments and Procedures

Schedule patient attends or procedures within your establishments and track referral orders and receipt of consultation reports using Epic’s Cadence®. Use Cadence to search fitting quickly and assist your establishment to optimize your accessible resources. Features consist of:

Remind Patients of Appointments Automatically

Automatically justify and reschedule patient fittings utilizing the TeleVox® HouseCalls™ system. This frees up staff time and decreases lost revenue while enhancing patient contact and interrelations.

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Manage Your Claims and Maximize Reimbursements

Get assist arranging your billings and orders to maximize payment and strengthen revenue while minimizing payor denials. OCHIN utilizes Epic’s Resolute®, a modern billing and accounts admittable equipment for community health centers that pulls in the slack charge entries, payment posting, and follow-up occupations. We have various levels of partnership being dependent on your particular demands. From arranging all your orders and efficiently becoming your orders business office to just assisting you get caught up with your back log, we are ready for you.

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Track Patient Health History Electronically

Track Patient Health History ElectronicallyRegister and trace your patient’s treatment history with Epic’s EpicCare®, our electronic medical record (EMR) system, and essentially supply access to that information to everyone in your establishment who has the correct security purification. This safe, available information enhances the patient’s contiguity of care and decreases unnecessary operations. You can also run reports on this data to identify the criterias most significant to you.

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Track Paper Charts Electronically

Arrange  your paper charts more effectively and enhance your transactions with Epic’s Health Information Management (HIM) system. You can trace the movement of paper charts within your community health center utilizing the following features:

Fully Integrate Your Patient Records

Arrange all of your patients’ papers, both administrative and treatment, with OnBase® and reserve them in one electronic medical registration that is safe and accessible to all confirmed staff. This makes you to quickly gaining access all the information demanded to treat your patient, enhancing the contiguity of care and decreasing redundant processes.

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Analyze Patient Data to Better Manage Resources

Contemplate patient data and design reports and graphs of basic information to define your locations of strength and establish the potential problems. Utilize Epic’s Clarity®/Analyst® to analyse your data by diagnosis, operation, payor, supplier, age, sex, ZIP Code, or any combination of criteria. Also, OCHIN supplies a premium service that has options for evaluating your reporting demands, working out your reports, coaching your managers on how to encrypte reports, and arranging your prolonging reporting procedure. All the drugs are provided by Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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Let Us Help Analyze Your Patient Data

Publishing in OCHIN is grounded on a group of movable, strong, and complex equipment. With the Premium Reporting Services package from OCHIN, we perform all of your EPIC report improvement, both for new repetition of reports and for ad hoc claims for information. Because reporting is complicated, it takes a highly trained staff delegate to perform quality report improvement. OCHIN has a group of these trained and skilled people who can be immense helpful to you. Our group realizes the origin of your business and how reporting improves your capability to arrange your resources.

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