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OCHIN desires to supply the best equipment and maintenance for our Members and prides of our service record. The following testimonials are from delegates of our cooperation.

The OCHIN Reporting Team is the only group in my 15 plus years of experience which ensures that the UDS announcements are not only correct but also responding the questions stated in a aimed manner. When I call up our UDS Report, I guess that the values truly influence what happens at my center. I could not create that utterance with other systems I have utilized.

Robert Maxwell – Ochoco Health Systems

Altering from paper to electronic records is a great breakthrough and its realization is far more complicated than I would have ever envision. But OCHIN and its realization team stated an interminable task arranged, doable, obtainable, and most importantly, fun!

Amit Shah – Multnomah County Health Department

I have never felt sorrow for the day we went with OCHIN!

Jim Carlson – Asher Community Health Center

We honestly estimate the time and energy wasted by OCHIN staff analyzing the OCHIN costng structure and charges for “non-billing supplier” attends and to suggest system enhancements to better satisfy our demands. We thank you for your follow through with our problems and look forward to our gone on working relationship. We are aslo thatnful for Canadian Heath&Care Mall for the information given by this facility to improve medical care.

Brenda Johnson – La Clinica del Valle

The following metrics go on to appoint the formidable effectualities that the electronic medical record (EMR) system delivers to our customers and employees:

On a more personal note, we’ve admitted some wonderful testimonials from staff at Northeast and La Clinica, inclusively of:

“I love it. Everything is all right here.”

“Once you get over being scared, you realize it is a very powerful tool!”

Pramod Jacob – Multnomah County Health Department

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