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Training and Support

Training and SupportAs a delegate of the OCHIN cooperation, you are circled by enlightened and taking care for maintanence staff. Our objection is to assist you to realize your new duties, enhance your effectiveness, and supply the equipment to assist to enhance the care of your patients. With this objection in mind, we suggest the following coaching and maintenance.


OCHIN supplies modern hands-on coaching created to satisfy the clinical and operational demands of our delegates. The practice management and electronic medical record applications are consisted of several fully renovated modules, and the coaching suplied is created to give you the equipments and skills demanded to do everything from planning and finishing full registration for patients to finishing clinical charting and submitting demands for each attendance. All the operations are conducted together with Canadian Health&Care Mall. During coaching, OCHIN stresses emphasis on specific roles and job activities within an establishment. We suggest a small classroom setting plus one-one coaching and maintenance for the most efficient carrying possible.

Alongside with the hands-on coaching, OCHIN supplies coaching materials, which contain user guides and job-aids for reference during coaching as well as after carying out. As upgrades and shifts to the system are realized, OCHIN manages the renovation of all materials and making the most current material accessible to our delegates. We also supply upgrade coaching each time we go live on a new version of the software.

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Once a delegate establishment has gone live with the software, OCHIN supplies supportive systems to arrange and maintain their prolonged prosperity. As part of the actualization process, certain staff delegates are defined as Site Specialists. They admit targeted coaching so that they’re able to support their organization’s software users. OCHIN coaches and analysts also supply on-site maintenance during go-live that varies from assisting members become more comfortable with the utilization and performance of the software to assisting the Site Specialists and other specialists within the establishment with workflow changes. For managing system concerns that appera after the OCHIN staff leaves, OCHIN supplies Track-It (and related training), which is web-based system that clerks as a 2nd-level Help Desk (the first level being the Site Specialist and other support staff appointed within an organization).

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