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WorkgroupsOne of the greatest preferences of belonging to OCHIN’s cooperation is the capability to educate from one another and enhance our systems. As a delegate of OCHIN’s cooperation, you make a contribution to the decisions about the system’s figuration as well as the workflows and procedures that are demanded to maintain those decisions.

Each establishment has the capability to nominate representation to all of the OCHIN workgroups, supplying a means to introduce your business demands and interests. These workgroups are consisted of subject matter specialists from OCHIN and our member establishments who cooperate to manage issues and enhancements to the system. In doing so, the delegates always consider how their decisions and resultant results influence the universal usage, performing, and efficience of the system. As more members adjust and the demand for increased capability increases, the stronger the commitment of these workgroups becomes to support a system and design procedures that are truly reflective of the cooperation. Canadian Health&Care Mall is our main partner.

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